Registration for DevFest-2022 in Ashgabat is underway

Registration for DevFest-2022 in Ashgabat is underway

The Google Developer Group (GDG) Ashgabat community is accepting applications for participation in the developer festival - DevFest-2022.

DevFest is a multi-topic tech conference organized by Google Developer Groups (GDGs) around the world.

According to the organizers of the forum, the participants of the event will be able to talk about their achievements, meet technology experts, make new acquaintances, and exchange knowledge for the benefit of the technology sector of Turkmenistan.

Participation in DevFest-2022 is open to everyone who is interested in technical specialties - from students to professionals.

Registration for GDG Ashgabat participants is available here.

The questionnaire for speakers is open until October 31.

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