Work on the project to create a Russian-Turkmen university continues

Work on the project to create a Russian-Turkmen university continues

The joint work of Russia and Turkmenistan on the project of creating a Russian-Turkmen university continues at the inter-parliamentary level.

Thus, during the meeting of Grigory Karasin, Chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federations of Russia on International Affairs, with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation, Batyr Niyazliev, this dynamic was clearly marked.

As Karasin emphasized, the study of the issue of creating a Russian-Turkmen university has already begun.

“The implementation of this project is of great importance for the further development of all areas of personnel training”, - he said.

For his side, Batyr Niyazliev stressed that bilateral cooperation received a new impetus after the visit of the leader of Turkmenistan to Moscow, there are all prerequisites for expanding strategic partnerships and inter-parliamentary cooperation.

Let us remind that the creation of a joint Russian-Turkmen university was discussed in June this year in Moscow between the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Natalya Bocharova and the Minister of Education of Turkmenistan Gurbangul Atayeva.

Taking into account the existence of 20 years of experience in the functioning of four joint universities created with the participation of various CIS countries, Russia has a positive attitude towards this possibility.

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