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The manager of the Üzüm cafe spoke about the main features of the establishment popular in Ashgabat

The manager of the Üzüm cafe spoke about the main features of the establishment popular in Ashgabat

Üzüm cafe is one of the popular establishments in Ashgabat. Here, in a cozy atmosphere, you can taste delicious dishes of European, Turkish and Pan-Asian cuisine, many of which are not served in other restaurants. Üzüm has some of the most delicious desserts in Ashgabat, prepared by the chef's hands, and also the freshest burger buns and bread baked in their own bakery.

This, and not only, is the reason for the success of the establishment among residents and guests of the Turkmen capital. Bayramova Jahan, one of the leaders of Üzüm, spoke about the features of the menu, the unique atmosphere and the individual approach of Turkmenportal.

How long ago did Üzüm cafe open?

We have been operating for the fifth year, and opened on May 21, 2018.

What is your “trick” that distinguishes you from other cafes and restaurants of Ashgabat of a similar level?

It can be said that in a special approach to each order. The hostess of the establishment herself makes the menu and individually approaches all the wishes of customers. In our restaurant, you can even order a dish that is not on the menu, or adjust its recipe.

At Üzüm, you can sample burgers from a special Texas restaurant recipe, chicken liver salad and Chinese eggplant salad from the chefs of one of the Michelin-starred restaurants, they are not served anywhere else in Ashgabat.

In Üzüm, great attention is paid to the issues of original interior design, the use of unusual, exclusive or vintage elements in it. For instance, our hall is decorated with art inspired by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov, and also a collection of old books that all restaurant visitors can get acquainted with. Besides that, the owner of the restaurant made tables from natural solid wood, and also unusual ceilings and chandeliers with his own hands.

What is the most unusual or complicated order for a dish that is not on the menu that your chef has received in all this time?

Somehow, they asked to surprise us with an unusual dessert, and the chefs served a French dish - crispy breaded chicken in chocolate sauce with fresh berries.

What is the most popular and frequently ordered dish in your cafe?

Our visitors are very fond of Kiev cutlets according to the Kremlin recipe performed by our chef.

What do you think is the most difficult part of Üzüm's job?

It is hard to recruit staff. It is no secret that the reputation of an establishment is created, among other things, by the work of waiters. For high-quality service to visitors, we need waiters and other employees who know their business and speak Turkmen and Russian. Just as important is the work of the chef, who can safely be called the “number one person” in any restaurant or cafe. Besides that, a cozy atmosphere in the establishment is created by those who ensure cleanliness and order in all rooms, monitor hygiene. Their work is no less important than the work of waiters and cooks.

What master classes were held in your establishment?

Greenway eco company business presentation, Make-up master classes, art master classes, floristry and hand-made master classes. We also held events from embassies, medical conferences, and every Wednesday at 19-00 holds the English Speaking Club.

Does your cafe have “seasonal” dishes that are only prepared at certain times of the year?

There is a quince dish called “Quince tatlysy”, according to a proprietary recipe, which won the hearts of many guests.

What are your plans for the future?

To expand and continue to delight our beloved guests.

Üzüm cafe is waiting for visitors at the address: Ashgabat, street Chary Bayryeva 13 (former Mezhlauka), next to the “Ak Altyn” hotel. Phone for reservations and food delivery (+993 12) 36 05 00, (+993 65) 71 87 20.

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