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In Turkmenistan cotton harvesting started

In Turkmenistan cotton harvesting started

The mass cotton harvest has started in Turkmenistan. In accordance with the schedule, approved on the conducted on September 2 meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, today the “white harvest time” spread in the Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary velayats. Taking into account the soil and climate conditions, a bit later, on September 14, dayhans from the Dashoguz velayat will join them, the electronic newspaper “Turkmenistan” reports.

In 2022, 580 thousand hectares were allocated for cotton in Turkmenistan, that is, 40 thousand hectares less than in previous years. Released area was undertaken for potatoes and other fruit and vegetable crops.

In 2021, in Turkmenistan were collected 1 million 250 thousand tons of cotton. This year it is planned to collect no less.

In the whole country, 1,600 combines, 7800 units of transport for the transportation of the harvested crop will be involved in cotton harvesting, 39 cotton gins and 158 receiving points have been prepared for the season.

According to the instruction of the Head of State Serdar Berdimuhamedov, day and night technical and service maintenance of the operated equipment has been organized on the ground for the smooth operation of the cotton harvesting conveyor.

Opening the cotton harvest season with the blessing of the head of state and honorary elders is a long tradition of Turkmen farmers.

Today, at the accepting points and cotton gin plants of the Ahal, Lebap, Mary and Balkan velayats arrived the first caravans of cars and tractors with trailers loaded to the top with “white gold”, decorated with National flags, carpets and banners.

In the events on the occasion of harvest time took part the representatives of hyakimliks, dayhan associations, public organizations.

Within the framework of current celebrations, exhibitions of agricultural technique, agricultural machinery, products of the agro-processing and textile industries were displayed. The creative collectives of the regions, who performed with concert programs, multiplied the atmosphere of the holiday. On behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, valuable gifts were presented to the leaders of production – the best tenants-cotton growers who have grown a good crop of cotton.

The natural and climatic conditions of Turkmenistan are favorable for growing of medium-fiber and fine-fiber varieties of cotton.

Cotton growing is an important branch of the agro-industrial complex of Turkmenistan, providing a significant contribution to the implementation of State programs for the production of import-substituting products and for increasing the export potential of the national economy. Natural cotton fiber is the most valuable raw material for the domestic textile industry, whose products are in high demand on world markets.

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