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Turkmenistan plans to reduce the area for cotton planting

Turkmenistan plans to reduce the area for cotton planting

Turkmenistan plans to reduce the sown area for cotton by 40 thousand hectares in order to increase the land area for sowing potatoes and vegetables and melons, as well as the production of cocoons and the yield of the land. The work carried out in this direction was discussed at today's meeting of the Government of the country, the State Information Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

Every year in Turkmenistan 620 thousand hectares are allotted for sowing cotton. 55 thousand 550 hectares are allocated for sowing potatoes, vegetables and melons and other food crops.

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev said that the agricultural complex is in charge of, together with the hyakimliks of the velayats, a proposal was prepared to reduce the areas allotted for cotton to 580 thousand hectares. It is proposed to plant potatoes and other vegetable and melon crops on the vacated areas. To increase the production of cocoons, it is planned to increase the corresponding plan by 200 tons, including in the Ahal velayat - by 145 tons, in the Balkan velayat - by 25 tons and in the Mary velayat - by 30 tons and bring it to 2300 tons.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted the importance of successfully solving the problems of further ensuring food abundance in the country, year-round supply of the population with potatoes, vegetables and melons and other agricultural products of its own production. He instructed to pay special attention to the application of scientifically grounded approaches for the further development of the agro-industrial complex, issues of rational land and water use, increasing crop yields, improving national legislation, addressing the Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Mejlis Milli Gengesh and Deputy Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty Milli Gengesh with specific instructions.

It should be noted that cotton growing is one of the leading sectors of the agro-industrial complex of Turkmenistan, providing a significant contribution to the implementation of state programs in the field of import substitution and increasing the country's export potential. In 2021, 1 million 250 thousand tons of cotton were harvested in Turkmenistan.

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