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Blocking of Steam online service is not observed in Turkmenistan


The online digital distribution service for computer games and programs Steam is available to open in Turkmenistan without any difficulties, reports Arzuw News.

Some online publications reported that the Steam website was allegedly blocked in Turkmenistan on Thursday.

The editors of Arzuw News, which is located in Ashgabat, made sure that the widespread information is fake - the Steam website, like the platform itself, works without any restrictions.

The Steam platform works stably when connected through the three main providers operating in the country: “Turkmentelecom”, AGTS and TMCELL.

Electronic sports in Turkmenistan are gaining momentum every year, expanding the ranks of fans, and also increasing the professionalism of athletes. The National Electronic Sports Federation of Turkmenistan (TMeSF) was founded in 2018 in the country. In June of the same year, TMeSF received recognition from the NOC of Turkmenistan. The organization was awarded a certificate of recognition of the sports federation, which is the main document confirming the legitimacy of sports activities for the development of e-sports in Turkmenistan.

TMeSF is a full member of the Global Esports Federation, Asian Esports Federation and International Esports Federation.

Over the last four years, TMeSF has hosted over 30 tournaments with over 4 thousand participants.

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Wepacad ( 14.08.2022 )

Steam то работает, из игровых серверов работает только Counter-Strike:GO. А сервера Mortal Kombat 11, Rainbow Six: Siege все равно не работают. А это на минуточку киберспортивные дисциплины глобального уровня

Maksathitrow ( 25.08.2023 )

Тогда по какой причине заблокирована игра под названии CALL OF DUTY WARZON