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“Hekem” corporate group offers consultant and legal services

“Hekem” corporate group offers consultant and legal services

The corporate group of “Hekem” companies (“Hekem”, “Hekem Audit” and “Adyl Hekem”) offers customers a wide range of professional services, including auditing, real estate, valuation, translation, as well as related legal services.

IE “Hekem Audit” on a contractual basis conducts a mandatory and proactive audit of financial and economic activities of enterprises, provides services on the profile of auditing activities throughout the year, followed by an audit at the end of the year - free of charge. Using the services of the company, clients receive consultations on the preparation of financial and statistical reports; accounting and the introduction of information technologies in the organization of accounting; taxation and other issues of financial and economic activity.

Moreover, the customers can receive written and oral consultations on issues of the financial and economic activity and on tax legislation.

Service package of “Hekem” corporate group includes selection and preparation of accounting policy, financial accounting, accounting and tax consultation. Specialists can represent the customer to the tax bodies, prepare tax declaration.

The help of “Hekem” is relevant for large companies and enterprises as well as for start-up company and legal entities.

“Hekem” also provides services for the valuation of business, residential and commercial real estate, vehicles, equipment, intangible assets, evaluates property for the purposes of collateral lending and revaluation for the purposes of preparing IFRS financial statements.

In “Hekem” work estate agents, who have passed the State certification of the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Turkmenistan that is a necessary condition for real estate activity.

Lawyers and real estate agents of the corporate group “Hekem” will ensure the security of transactions in connection with the purchase, sale and lease of real estate.

Additionally, the company works in the translation services market for more than 10 years, being the leading enterprise in this business segment in Turkmenistan. In the translation agency it is possible to order a written translation of documents and other materials, as well as certify their authenticity. At the same time, confidentiality of information, flexibility in payment, and efficiency are guaranteed. Translation orders are accepted both in person and online 24/7.

The goal of “Hekem” company enterprises is to provide customers with highly professional services with a maximum comfort.

The services of “Hekem” company enterprises are provided on the territory of Ashgabat and velayats of the country. Payment for the work performed is made through both cash and non-cash payments.

Contact details:

  • Ashgabat, 10 Yyl Abadanchylyk str., 98;
  • Ashgabat, Gerogly str., 46 (C/H “Watan”);
  • Ashgabat, Gerogly str., 73;
  • Phones: (+993 12) 47 82 54, (+993 12) 47 81 15, (+993 12) 47 88 52, (+993 12) 92 18 56, (+993 61) 57 40 72;
  • Email address:
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