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Exhibition of Turkmen artist Kamil Veliakhmedov opened in Kazan

Exhibition of Turkmen artist Kamil Veliakhmedov opened in Kazan

An exhibition of works by the honored worker of arts, a member of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan Kamil Veliakhmedov has opened in the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Tatarstan in Kazan.

“Rays of the Plein Air” is the name of the exposition, reports

The solemn opening of the exhibition was held with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Damir Natfullin, who in his speech noted that this event is a continuation of the dialogue between two fraternal peoples, which are united by culture and art.

Also he stressed that the exposition has become another milestone in strengthening bilateral relations between Tatarstan and Turkmenistan.

Kamil Veliakhmedov, thanking the organizers of the exhibition, noted the similarity of the culture and mentality of the Tatars and Turkmens, which he tried to convey through his work.

Kamil Veliakhmedov creates paintings mainly in the landscape genre. He travels a lot in Turkmenistan: where he has not visited with his sketchbooks.

“I like the Amu Darya, and Kugitang, and the sea, and endless sands – at any time of the year, nature is pristinely beautiful, bewitches with its natural beauty and versatility. Going on my next trip, I certainly know that I will definitely find interesting images for myself, whether they are juniper groves or old houses in the village of Nokhur”, the artist says in one of his interviews.

He has been participating in international projects since 2002. And now – his exhibition in Kazan extended another thread of friendship and cooperation between the two friendly peoples.

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