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Turkmenistan has raised excise rates on tobacco products, the Embassy of the Russian Federation announced the acceptance of documents for issuing student visas, the “Turkmenistan” Airlines will perform a special flight from Belarus


1. In accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Turkmenistan”, excise rates on imported tobacco products into the country increased from 74% to 93% of the customs value, but not less than 4 USD per pack. In relation to other industrially manufactured tobacco, the excise tax increased to 19,5 USD per 1 kg.

2. From August 1, 2022, the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan opens a reception for issuing study visas for Turkmen applicants and students of Russian universities without electronic and telephone appointments, on a first-come, first-served basis. Documents will be accepted from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:00.

3. On July 30, “Turkmenistan” Airlines plans to carry out another special flight to take Turkmen citizens from Belarus to their homeland. In accordance with the official website of the “Minsk” National Airport, flight T5788 from Minsk to Turkmenabat will be operated by a Boeing 737-800. Departure is scheduled for 20:35 local time.

4. Farmers of Turkmenistan fulfilled the state order for wheat harvesting, having collected 1 million 500 thousand tons of grain.

5. A few years ago, the products of the Japanese-Indonesian company Lion Wings appeared on the market of household chemicals in Turkmenistan.

6. A group of scientists from Australia have created a patch for COVID-19 with microchips. In an experimental study of the new development in mice, the Vaxxas patch was proven to be more effective than traditional injection vaccination.

7. Sprite will completely abandon branded green bottles. Sprite will be available in transparent containers instead of the usual green ones from August 1. This decision was made for the sake of the environment, since green polyethylene terephthalate (PET), unlike transparent, cannot be recycled for reuse.

8. The Turkmen TV channel “Sport” continues to broadcast the leading European football championships live. On Saturday, July 30, “RB Leipzig” and “Bayern” will face off in the German Super Cup match. The game will take place at the “Red Bull Arena” in Leipzig. The start is at 23:30 Ashgabat time. The game will be accompanied by comments in the Turkmen language. For the Bavarians, this will be the first official match since Robert Lewandowski left for “Barcelona”.

9. On Sunday, July 31, the new football season starts in France. It will traditionally start with a game for the country's Super Cup between “Nantes” and “PSG”. The meeting is scheduled to start at 23:00 Ashgabat time. For the Parisians, this will be the first official match with the new mentor - Christophe Galtier. The match will be held in Tel Aviv at “Bloomfield” Stadium.

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