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The Prosecutor General of Russia paid a visit to Turkmenistan, amendments and additions were made to the Law of Turkmenistan “On Combating Corruption”

The Prosecutor General of Russia paid a visit to Turkmenistan, amendments and additions were made to the Law of Turkmenistan “On Combating Corruption”

1. Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov during his visit to Ashgabat discussed security issues with colleagues from Turkmenistan. At a meeting with the Minister of Defense, Secretary of the State Security Council of Turkmenistan Begench Gundogdyev, the prospects for further cooperation were discussed. And at the talks with the Turkmen Prosecutor General Serdar Myalikgulyev, the parties discussed the protection of the Caspian Sea, advanced training of law enforcement officers of the two countries, as well as other issues of mutual interest.

2. The ImdatBot Robotics Educational Center for Children invites young residents of Ashgabat to a two-week summer robotics course combined with a summer camp. Classes will run from July 27 to August 9 and August 10 to 23, six days a week. At this time, children will not only gain knowledge on robotics and the basics of programming, but also participate in competitions, watch educational films and videos. Registration is carried out by phone (+993 62) 90 00 69.

3. Additions and changes were made to the Law of Turkmenistan “On Combating Corruption”, according to which the basic concepts used in the Law were supplemented with such as “anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts and draft normative legal acts” and “corruptogenic norms”.

4. Feeling a piece of Italy in the capital of sunny Turkmenistan is easy!
At the Dolce Mia gelateria, you can enjoy the amazing taste of real Italian ice cream, prepared according to traditional technologies. At Dolce Mia, you will be surprised by the variety of flavors of the famous Italian dessert - 22 types of gelato and delicate sorbets, as well as 3 types of soft ice cream. Only until August 11, visitors to Dolce Mia will receive a 20% discount on the entire range using the promo code “Turkmenportal”.

5. Many, purchasing upholstered furniture for the home, prefer custom-made. In this case, as in the restoration of old models, the question arises of which fabric to choose for the upholstery of a sofa or armchairs. In this article, the specialists of the furniture factory Aýbölek analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular types of upholstery fabrics.

6. The Agency "Turkmenavtoulaglary" announced the start of accepting applications for permission from foreign countries to transport goods by road for 2023. Applications are accepted until August 20.

7. Construction of a bridge across the Garabogaz Strait will start in Turkmenistan, which is scheduled to be completed by June 2024. The structure will be 354 meters long, 17 meters wide and 7 meters high above the surface of the bay.

8. Artist Lucas Vaskangue posted on his Twitter account a unique picture that can be enlarged indefinitely. It was created using vector graphics. In the video, you can first see the artist at work on the painting. If you zoom in on the photo on the wall of his room, then a person collecting a suitcase will become visible on it, with further zooming, you can see the train in the window in which the person is traveling. And so, ad infinitum, new episodes will open.

9. The German taekwondo fighter Muhamed Kahrimanovich set another world record and was again included in the Guinness Book of Records. The man was able to break 148 coconuts with one hand in one minute. It is noteworthy that in this category Kahrimanovich has already been recognized as a champion five times. A taekwondo smashes not only coconuts, but also other objects. For numerous world records, Muhamed Kahrimanovich received the nickname hammer hands.

10. Turkmen athletes took part in the opening ceremony of the VII International Sports Games "Children of Asia" in Vladivostok. More than 1300 athletes from 12 countries participated in the colorful event. The standard-bearer of the Turkmen team was the representative of table tennis Ilyas Allanazarov.

11. The first football tournament in balloons in Ashgabat will be held in the Bagtyyarlyk sports complex on Saturday, July 30. The competitions will start at 15:30, the cost of one ticket is 20 manats. 8 teams will compete in the bumperball tournament - Pamador, Kindi, Arçalyk, Hasar, Ýunus, Tut, Bold, Ynamdar. Everyone is welcome to watch the game. During breaks, a DJ will perform for the audience. Sweet treats are also waiting for guests. Additional information is available by phone: (+993 63) 79 11 61; (+993 63) 79 11 71.

12. All participants of the national qualifying games of the 2022 season in the Dota 2 discipline have been determined in Turkmenistan. 21 teams will fight for the victory. The winner of the national qualifiers will represent Turkmenistan at the 14th IeSF World Esports Championships 2022 in Bali (Indonesia). Qualifiers will be held August 1-14, 2022.

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