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A law banning of cruelty to dogs has been passed, leopards from Turkmenistan are expected in Russia, Afghanistan plans to import Turkmen energy

A law banning of cruelty to dogs has been passed, leopards from Turkmenistan are expected in Russia, Afghanistan plans to import Turkmen energy

1. Turkmenistan has passed a law, aimed at protecting the gene pool of purebred dogs, and regulating relations arising from their breeding, cultivation and use. This law strictly regulates the rules for handling dogs, including those without owners.

2. In Turkmenistan, the time of entrance exams begins, starting from July 27. Applicants from different regions of Turkmenistan will gradually start passing entrance exams, which have traditionally been held in the capital and velayats in recent years.

3. Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Alexander Kozlov appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a request for help: to arrange the delivery of leopards from Turkmenistan and Iran.

4. Afghanistan signed an agreement with Turkmenistan for the supply of liquefied gas. According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan, several thousand tons of Turkmen energy carriers will be brought into the country through the dry ports of Hairatan, Akina and Turgundi.

5. The online magazine Nubia named the most handsome man in the world. It is the Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan. More than 2,2 million people voted for Zhan, in accordance with a poll, in which participated more than 11 million people from 189 countries. Among the nominees were such stars as Henry Cavill, Tom Holland, Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo.

6. American premium brand Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with leading British clothing rental platform Rotaro to launch a new project. As part of a six-month pilot program, those who wish will be able to rent items from a well-known brand. It is noted that both items from the new collaboration and from the brand's archives will be available for rent.

7. The team of Turkmenistan went to Russia for the sports games “Children of Asia”. Sports games “Children of Asia” will start on July 27 in Vladivostok. This year, 1355 athletes from 12 countries are participating in the competition. The competitions will be held at 10 sports facilities in Vladivostok, including the renovated “Dynamo” stadium, the “Olimpiysky” sports complex, the “Yunost “sports palace, and the central square of Vladivostok. The delegation of Turkmenistan consists of 85 people, including 62 athletes, 16 coaches, 1 basketball referee - Bakhtiyar Ibragimov, as well as representatives of sports teams and officials.

8. The rival of the Turkmenistan national volleyball team in the finals of the Central Asian Challenge Cup in Bishkek has become known. The men's volleyball team of Kyrgyzstan reached the final of the Central Asian Challenge Cup in Bishkek, beating the team of Kazakhstan with a score of 3:1. In the final, the Kyrgyz will play with the team of Turkmenistan. The teams of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will meet in the confrontation for bronze. Both matches will be held on July 27.

9. The press service of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games announced the motto of the upcoming Summer Olympics, which will be held in 2024 in Paris. The competition will be held under the slogan “Let's open the Games wide”. The same motto will also be used at the 2024 Paralympics.

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