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Ashgabat doctor told about the first aid for sunstroke and the rules of protection against them

Ashgabat doctor told about the first aid for sunstroke and the rules of protection against them

The work outdoors, rest in the nature, walks or presence on the beach during the period of solar activity may become the immediate cause of a sunstroke occurrence. Moreover, windless, stuffy weather, lack of headwear, overeating, improper drinking regime, drinking alcoholic beverages and taking medications that reduce the body's ability to thermoregulate (for example, antidepressants) belong to the number of triggering factors.

Maral Kerimova, the doctor of the functional diagnostics of the Central treatment recreational clinic on the pages of the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper told about the first aid in case of sunstrokes and the rules of protection against them.

Sunstroke can affect people of any age and gender, but it is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and people with certain somatic diseases. The probability of sunstroke increases with hypertension, vegetative vascular dystonia, heart disease and obesity.

As a result of a sunstroke is the circulatory disorders and sweating, as well as a lack of oxygen in the tissues. In severe cases, the activity of all organs and systems is seriously disrupted. Bodies temperature increases, general weakness condition, dizziness and severe headache occur, it gets dark in the eyes.

In order to provide first aid to a person with sunstroke before the ambulance comes, the following should be done:

  • lay the victim in the shade, put a pillow under his head or just roll up his clothes, put something under his feet in the ankle area as well;
  • clothes that restrict movement, remove or unbutton the buttons of outerwear;
  • be sure to give cool water and more;
  • moisten the face with cold water or cover it with a damp cloth;
  • in case of loss of consciousness, bring a swab soaked in ammonia to the nostrils;
  • create an air flow by frequent fanning or direct the fan.

To avoid sunstroke, it is necessary to wear light and loose clothes from natural fabrics such as cotton and flax, to abandon the straps that tighten the body. The head must be protected by a headdress, also preferably white. It is necessary to remember about the eyes and wear sunglasses.

A day norm of the clean water consumption should bу increased in hot days, but water should be consumed in small portions at short intervals.

In the hot season, it is necessary to give up smoking, drinking strong black tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. It is desirable to increase the consumption of foods containing a lot of carbohydrates, it is better to cancel fatty and high-calorie dishes. It is recommended to eat fermented dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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