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Hazar logistik delivers any cargo in compliance with all the rules of safe transportation


At the delivering the goods over long distance by road, rail, air or sea, one of the main requirements is to comply with the rules for transporting various types of goods: general, bulk (liquid), poured, requiring special conditions (usually food, medicines), and hazardous.

For each of these types of cargo, there are special containers (containers, wagons, tanks) for their transportation. General cargo, which includes equipment, machinery, timber and lumber, bulky cargo, is carefully secured in wagons or containers to avoid displacement and damage during transportation. For bulk and liquid cargo, there are also specially designed containers for their transportation and loading rules. Goods that require special temperature conditions for transportation, and dangerous goods are transported only in special refrigerators or sealed containers, which are also carefully secured during loading.

The logistics company Hazar logistik is very attentive to the issue of transportation of any type of cargo and makes sure that each type is transported in full compliance with safety requirements. The company’s arsenal includes all the necessary types of containers, wagons, platforms, isothermal containers and refrigerators for the delivery of any type of cargo by any type of transport. Hazar logistik staff goes through all the necessary instructions regarding the rules for loading and transporting goods.

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