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Holy month of Ramadan started in Turkmenistan

Holy month of Ramadan started in Turkmenistan

Today, the holy month of Ramadan (Oraza) started in Turkmenistan – the time of obligatory Muslim fasting. The first collective prayers were held in the mosques of the country.

In Ramadan, Muslims reject eating and drinking during daylight hours. And after the sunset, with the onset of the evening prayer, believers can freely eat and drink until dawn.

During spiritual fasting, one should refrain from conflicts and keep negative emotions under control. A fasting Muslim should try doing as many good deeds as possible and benefit other people.

The holy month of Ramadan is a long-awaited holiday for Muslims, a month of spiritual and physical purification.

This year, Oraza will end on May 2.

You can download the calendar of suhoors and Iftars for the month of Oraza of the current year using the link.

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