The President of Turkmenistan opened a new cottage complex for the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees

The President of Turkmenistan opened a new cottage complex for the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees

The President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov today took part in the opening of the second stage of the cottage complex named after Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov at Choganly residential area on the north of the Turkmen capital. The complex is erected for the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan informs.

During the ceremony the President of the country visited the administration building of the complex where rendered tribute to his grandfather, an honorary veteran of the internal affairs institutions.

A special place in the exposition is given to the poems of Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov.

There are photos of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with his parents from the family archive, pictures telling about the public activities of the grandfather of the head of state are shown on separate stand.

The Head of State also visited the newcomers of one of the houses. The two-store cottages have five rooms, including a spacious entrance hall, a large living room, bedrooms with a separate dressing room and bathrooms, a kitchen-dining room with built-in furniture and modern appliances, as well as utility rooms, storerooms.

These spacious cottages provide everything necessary for the organization of festive family events in the spirit of the customs and rituals of the Turkmen people, reception of guests, weddings, sadaka and other celebrations. High-quality building materials made from local raw materials were used construction of cottages.

On the adjacent plots of 8 acres there is enough space for farming or gardening. There is also a lot of space for children to spend time here.

The territory adjacent to residential buildings is well appointed and landscaped. Here, shady trees are planted along the streets and next to the houses, which contributes to the maintenance of ecological well-being.

At the end of the inspection of the facilities, the head of state got acquainted with the exhibition of vegetables and fruits, food products that are produced in the subsidiary farms of military and law enforcement agencies in all regions of the country.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov noted the need to continue taking appropriate measures to improve the activities of subsidiary farms subordinate to law enforcement agencies.

“The harmonious blend of the military service with the active sports and working activities strengthen health and spirit of the security agencies staff being a bright approval of fidelity to century-long national heritages,” the head of state said addressing specific instructions to the heads of military and law enforcement agencies.

Let’s remind that the first stage of cottage complex for the employees of law enforcement agencies was opened in November 2020.

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