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Visaruss provides visa support services

Visaruss provides visa support services

Visaruss company offers to the Turkmenistan residents a wide range services for visas registration to the Russian Federation (business, educational, work, tourist, medical and others), and also help to get a permanent residence permit (PRP), temporary residence permits (TRP), citizenship of the Russian Federation.

In less than three years (established in 2019) the company has managed to accumulate solid experience in providing such services. Visaruss is a part of the “International Economic Center” group, that deals with sending students abroad for study, tourism and visas registration of all types.

The “International Economic Center” has close business ties in countries such as Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Visaruss contact data:

  • +7 965 36 94 400;
  • +7 965 35 90 660;
  • +993 63 37 82 05.
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