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Van Gogh self-portrait exhibition opens in London

Van Gogh self-portrait exhibition opens in London

“Van Gogh: Self-portraits” exhibition opens at the Courtauld Gallery in London's Somerset House.

In addition to the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh with a bandaged ear, painted by the master in January 1889, the exhibition features 16 self-portraits of the artist. According to exhibition curator Karen Serres:

"We wanted to understand what was hidden in the genre that attracted him so much. And we decided that such an exhibition would be a great way to trace his artistic development over these 3,5 years. It was the end of his life, but in fact this is the moment when he truly found himself and became the Van Gogh we know."

Some of the works are presented here together for the first time since they left the Dutch artist's studio.

London exhibition "Van Gogh: Self-portraits" will run until May 8, announce the euronews.

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