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Exhibition dedicated to cultural heritage opened in Ashgabat


A thematic exhibition held within the framework of the International Forum ‘The Turkmen land is a hearth of world-renowned cultural values’ opened today at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

The video telling of the multifaceted activities for the preservation, study and wide popularization of the unique breed of Turkmen Alabai and Tazy in the world as an important component of the national cultural heritage, was a kind of prologue to the opening day, located at the Expocenter site. One can make judgment of the work scale in this area by the organization of the exhibition space. The exhibition organizer - the International Association ‘Turkmen Alabai’, line ministries and departments, creative organizations, specialized universities and institutions presented their pavilions.

Five white yurts (nomads tents) installed here emphasize the national flavor, in which one can get information of the Turkmen Alabai Regional Centers’ work.
The combination of history and modernity is a characteristic feature of the exhibition.

The book section of the exposition includes thematic literature and scientific works, among which the book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – ‘Turkmen Alabai’ occupies an honorable place.

The exhibition introduces modern laboratory equipment used in veterinary medicine and cynology.

Museum exhibits are of great interest - evidence of Alabai unique breed antiquity. These are amazing finds detected on historical monuments in different regions of the country.

A significant part of the exhibition presents creative works depicting the image of Alabai and hound Taza. These are the works of painters, famous and beginning their way in art, graphic artists, sculptors, carpet and tapestry artists, in the area of ceramics, working in the animalistic genre. In an artistic form, they presented such remarkable qualities of Alabai as strength and endurance, reliability and fearlessness, loyalty and devotion to the owner, willingness to share hardships and joys with him. The exhibition also shows modern souvenirs with the image of Alabai and Taza as well as photos.

Many authors of these works are laureates of a creative competition held in the country on the initiative and in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on the artistic embodiment of the Turkmen Alabai image in works of fine and decorative arts, printed materials and photographs as well as on TV channels.

Live exhibits, Alabai puppies, attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition. And the tracker dogs of this unique breed, under the guidance of their military mentors, prepared a small speech for the Forum participants, demonstrating their skills used, as many centuries ago, in search and security work.

The International Forum continued its work in the Conference Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where the opening of the Scientific and Practical Conference took place.

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