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UK prepares for Christmas and New 2022

UK prepares for Christmas and New 2022

"Turkmenportal" continues to acquaint its readers with how they prepare in different countries of the world for the celebration of the long-awaited winter holidays.

Today we present to your attention a selection of UK Christmas trees from traditional trees to original art installations. There is no more historic and British traditional Christmas tree in London than the spruce tree in Trafalgar Square. Norway has been sending spruce to the British since 1947 as a token of gratitude for Britain's aid during World War II.

However, this year Londoners were disappointed by the meager crown and slightly sloping geometry of the tree. In social networks, with the subtle humor inherent in the British, comments appeared that the tree was "thin and sad", and the assumption that only part of the tree was delivered to London, and when the rest of the branches will be brought.

Local authorities explained that the tree was brought from a real forest, so its crown cannot be fluffy, like the trees that are grown in tree nurseries. In the official Twitter account, they noted on behalf of the tree that part of the crown did not disappear - the branches observe social distance.

There are other Christmas trees in England that cannot be ignored. For example, the impressive 6-meter Christmas tree in the St. George Hall of Windsor Castle, as well as the 3,5-meter high spruce decorated with shades of red and purple, installed in the Crimson living room of the residence of the British monarchs.

At London St Pancras railway station, in collaboration with the ZSL London Zoo, an open book composition with a towering Christmas tree in the center was installed.

A festive sculpture called Prism was installed at the Coal Drops Yard shopping complex. The installation is 8,5 meters high in the shape of a tree, covered with mirrors and lights.

London featured a variety of dazzling Christmas trees and illuminations this year, following the slogan “Get’s dark early - bad; Christmas lights – good”.


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