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The second virtual exhibition opened in Turkmenistan in honor of the Day of Neutrality

The second virtual exhibition opened in Turkmenistan in honor of the Day of Neutrality

In honor of the Day of Neutrality of Turkmenistan, the second virtual exhibition of the country's economic achievements was opened today. This was reported on the CCIT website.

The organizer of the exhibition is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with ministries and departments, private enterprises of Turkmenistan.

The exhibition is aimed at demonstrating the production and industrial potential of Turkmenistan, attracting investors, expanding partner participation in domestic and foreign trade. The advantages of a virtual exhibition are that Internet users without additional registration can visit it by following the link, get acquainted in detail with each exhibitor.

Going to the official website of the exhibition, you can choose one of three working languages: Turkmen, English, Russian - and continue viewing the exposition by going to the virtual lobby of the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

18 paths lead from the lobby to the exposition, along which stands created in 3D format.

In the upper right corner of the site, you can find a diagram of the showroom. By clicking on it, you will open a top view of the exposure.

To see the participants, you need to expand the exhibition plan in the upper left corner of the site. To get acquainted with the activities of one or another exhibitor, you need to select a participant's stand from the list and go directly to the stand.

Each stand contains complete information about products and services: video, information booklet and exhibitor contacts.

More than 50 participants are represented at the exhibition. The total area of the exposition is 2 340 square meters.

It will be possible to visit the virtual exhibition within a month.

We remind that last year, the first virtual exhibition in Turkmenistan was launched to mark the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of our country.

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