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A virtual exhibition – is the best solution for displaying services, goods, and art

A virtual exhibition – is the best solution for displaying services, goods, and art

Currently, all sectors of the economy are being digitalized in Turkmenistan, and people can now access all information about services and products offered by the public and private sectors via the Internet.

During the difficult period of the global pandemic, when the whole world is in isolation, the Internet format solves many problems, including the organization of exhibition space.

For the first time, Turkmenistan will host a virtual exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the country's neutrality, which will mark the beginning of a new digital era of the art of exhibiting in our country. In the near future, any departments, associations, organizations will be able to demonstrate their achievements to the world through 3D models!

Let's find out what a virtual exhibition really is?

A virtual exhibition is a demonstration of virtual I mages on the Internet using Internet tools specially prepared for this purpose. At the same time, the availability of virtual stands/expositions for viewing, familiarization and use is important. And if we take into account that the organization of an online exhibition significantly saves the budget, then there is no price for this method of exposure!

The purpose of the virtual exhibition is to acquaint a wide range of visitors with various achievements, novelties, works of art, books and provide detailed information on each exhibit.

This exhibition is mobile, compact, informative and is an actual guide in the vast flow of information.

Virtual exhibitions such as:

  • Industrial
  • Socio-economic
  • Technological
  • Agricultural
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Medical

Let's look at a number of advantages that participants of a virtual exhibition get.

1. First of all, this is an unlimited space for implementing any ambitious ideas. In the age of technology, 3D format is able to realize all the dreams of creating an exhibition with detailed information.

There will be no need to worry about the timing of site development and selection of equipment, you can fully devote time to the creative process of creating your own stand.

2. Great coverage of the audience. After all, the flow of visitors will no longer be limited to a certain geographical space and time of day. All you need to do is connect to the Internet, and anyone from any corner of the world can see the exhibition stands!

3. The virtual space can accommodate a large number of exhibition participants, because stands can be created in unlimited numbers!

4. The stand that the investor likes will not be "lost" in the crowd, you can always find it and contact the stand owner, establishing business relationships.

This is just a small list of all the advantages of virtual exhibitions for participants, not to mention what benefits the visitor of such exhibitions gets-it is both convenient and time – saving-the opportunity to examine all the declared stands in detail, while not getting tired of going around the entire exhibition space.

By the way, virtual exhibitions are more environmentally friendly and reliable than their traditional counterparts, because it is obvious that the negative impact on the environment is significantly reduced here. 

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