The Turkmen enterprise exported polypropylene yarn to Uzbekistan

The Turkmen enterprise exported polypropylene yarn to Uzbekistan

Another batch of polypropylene multifilament yarn produced by the Turkmen enterprise “Beg Yupek” has been shipped to Uzbekistan, reports “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

Multifilament yarn of Turkmen producers, made from local raw materials, is in demand abroad. The company also exports products to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Polypropylene yarn, obtained from oil waste, is widely used in the production of carpets. The advantages of such fiber are low cost, antistatic properties, ductility to heat treatment, resistance to many contaminants. Also, polypropylene carpets are hypoallergenic and do not fade.

ES “Beg Yuppek” was one of the first in Turkmenistan to launch the production of multifilament yarn. The yarns at the enterprise are made according to a special technology, using the equipment of the German brand “Oerlikon-Neumag”, which allows producing up to 120 tons of polypropylene yarn per month.

The company plans to strengthen its capacity and expand the range of products.

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