“Turkmenistan” Airlines became the last customer of the Boeing 777-200LR

“Turkmenistan” Airlines became the last customer of the Boeing 777-200LR

“Turkmenistan” Airlines received a new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, the Aviacionline website reports.

The airliner, built in early 2021, is the last Boeing 777-200LR to leave the assembly line.

The passenger aircraft with tail number EZ-A780 was built at the Boeing Everett Factory in the USA. The airliner is equipped with modern General Electric GE90-110B1L engines. Its capacity is 291 seats. The aircraft has a two-class layout: 28 seats in “business” and 263 in economy class.

Now in the fleet of the “Turkmenistan” Airlines there are 4 Boeing 777 aircraft of the 200LR modification.

The first Boeing 777-200LR saw the world in 2006. At that time, he broke all records for flight range (the prefix LR means “increased range”). The manufacturer of this model was given another name - Worldliner. It says that an aircraft can cover the distance between any two airports in the world non-stop. The aircraft in the 777-200LR modification is designed for ultra-long-distance flights. The range of its flight reaches almost 16 thousand kilometers. The board can accommodate up to 317 passengers. The Boeing 777-200LR has an increased maximum take-off weight and three additional fuel tanks in the rear cargo area. Other distinctive features include beveled wingtips, new landing gear legs and a reinforced airframe.

Recall that in September 2019, the “Turkmenhowayollary” Agency signed a contract with Boeing (USA) for the purchase of a new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. The airliner became the 32nd aircraft purchased by the Turkmen airline from Boeing.

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