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“Turkmenhovayollary” Agency has signed a contract for the purchase of a new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft

“Turkmenhovayollary” Agency has signed a contract for the purchase of a new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft

In accordance with the decree Of the President of Turkmenistan dated August 2, 2019, the “Turkmenhovayollary”  Agency of the Ministry of industry and communications of Turkmenistan signed a contract with Boeing (USA) to purchase a new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, the official website of the “Turkmenhovayollary”  Agency reports.

According to the information, the delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for January 2021 years.

The new Boeing 777-200LR will be the 32nd aircraft acquired by the Turkmen airline from Boeing. In recent years, the country's fleet has been replenished with well-proven Boeing models and equipment of other well-known world brands. So, in 2013, three Boeing 737-800 Airliners arrived, in 2014-two Boeing 777-200 LR, in 2015, three more Boeing 737-800 aircraft was purchased, in the following 2016-2018 years, several Boeing aircraft were also purchased.

Boeing 777-200LR ("LR" means "Longer Range" - long-range) in the 2006 year became the most "Long-range" Commercial airliner in the world. Boeing called this model World liner, indicating the possibility of the airliner to connect almost any two airports. The modification had the longest range among commercial Airliners-the flight range is 15 843 kilometers. Modification 777-200LR is designed for extra-long flights. The 777-200LR is powered by powerful GE90-110B1L jet engines and seats up to 317 passengers in a two-class configuration.

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