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SCBT “Dayhanbank” invites students to use a special loan

SCBT “Dayhanbank” invites students to use a special loan

The state commercial bank of Turkmenistan “Dayhanbank” offers to use the bank loan “Talyp Karzy” - a student loan.

The loan is provided in non-cash form to students studying in higher and secondary vocational schools, solely to pay for the cost of education.

Lending terms:

  • Loan size: up to 42,000 manats;
  • Interest rate: 8% per annum;
  • Term: 3 years.

A guarantee of two citizens is required to secure a loan of up to 10,000 manats, and for a loan of more than 10,000 manat a pledge is required.

To use a student loan, you must contact the Central Office or any branch of the State Commercial Bank “Dayhanbank”.

Phone numbers for contacts:

  • Ashgabat city - 38-03-79; 38-02-86; 24-44-55; 24-52-85;
  • Ahal velayat branch - (8-00-137) 3-34-39;
  • Balkan velayat branch - (8-00-246) 5-21-51;
  • Dashoguz velayat branch - (8-00-322) 9-35-07;
  • Lebap velayat branch - (8-00-422) 9-13-48;
  • Mary velayat branch - (8-00-522) 6-76-40.

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