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Edison Technologies intends to launch an investment project in Turkmenistan

Edison Technologies intends to launch an investment project in Turkmenistan

Today at the international investment forum, which is being held in Ashgabat, Edison Kasapoglu, President of Edison Technologies, speaking online, said that he intends to implement an investment project to build a gas dehydration, purification and cooling unit on the “Korpeje – Chaloyuk” gas pipeline using innovative technology.

In particular, he noted that his company Edison Technologies together with the companies Silica Verfahrenstechnics GmbH, BASF SE and Honeywell will design and build this unit for the state concern “Turkmennebit”, investing its own funds.

As noted, negotiations on this project have already begun in October 2020 and the parties have come to a mutual opinion to implement the investment project. The fact is that there are production oil wells at the “Korpeje” field, where associated gas comes out in parallel with oil. With the help of this installation, this gas will undergo purification and drying and then will be transported for export in the form of commercial natural gas.

The projected unit will improve the quality of commercial gas and the country's export potential in this area, as well as increase the reliability of “blue fuel” supplies in the Turkmen-Iranian gas pipeline passing through the “Chaloyuk” GIS.

“In this project, we envisage a full range of interrelated works, including full engineering, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning works, personnel training,” said Edison Kasapoglu.

The project team includes leaders in their respective industries. For example, Silica Verfahrenstechnics GmbH is the European leader in the construction of such plants. Using the latest developments in technology, the company has built more than 20 such plants around the world, the largest of which are in Europe. The German concern BASF SE is the world leader in the production of the necessary catalysts for such plants. The products of this company are in great demand in the global oil and gas market. Honeywell company is one of the leaders in the manufacture and installation of automation and software.

According to Edison, this project will be implemented with direct 100% investments.

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