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A resident of Balkanabat asked the connoisseurs “What? Where? When?" on Channel One

A resident of Balkanabat asked the connoisseurs “What? Where? When?" on Channel One

Last Sunday the final game of the spring series “What? Where? When?”. The viewers played against Balash Kasumov's team, which showed the best result in the qualifying games. It includes: Dmitry Avdeenko, Denis Galiakberov, Yulia Lazareva, Sergey Nikolenko, Elman Talibov.

The question of Didar Bayramov, a resident of the Turkmen city of Balkanabat, fell out in the decisive round with a score of 5: 5. Our compatriot, who is an engineer, asked the connoisseurs why traffic lights were installed on the streets of Indian Mumbai, which, under certain conditions, change the operating mode.

After a minute of discussion, experts replied that traffic lights in Mumbai have learned to “punish” signaling drivers. If you make noise, it will take longer to wait for the green signal.

Host Boris Kryuk confirmed that the experts' version is correct.

The system works as follows: if the sensor detects a noise level of more than 85 decibels, then the timer counting down the time until the green signal is restarted. Drivers, in turn, waste time in punishment for senseless “hum”.

A question from a viewer from the Balkan velayat brought Balash Kasumov's team a victory in the game with a score of 6: 5, as well as an entry into the winter series “What? Where? When?”. Denis Galiakberov became the owner of the “Crystal Owl”.

The price of the issue in the event of Didar Bayramov's victory could have amounted to a large amount of rubles, but in itself, getting on the air of the program can already be considered a great success.

Watch the episode with the question of the Turkmen viewer from 52:00 minute.

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