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Kaahka textile complex of Turkmenistan equipped with Swiss technology

Kaahka textile complex of Turkmenistan equipped with Swiss technology

In the spinning shop of the Kaahka textile complex, which is being built by the Turkish company “Cotam Enterprises Ltd.”, specialists have completed the installation of 13 compact spinning machines K 46 Rieter, “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” reports.

The latest equipment of the latest generation of a well-known Swiss company is designed to produce yarn of the highest quality and will be used for the first time in the country's textile industry.

Rieter K 46 machines consume little energy, which is another great advantage of their use. The power requirements for compacting the K 46 from Rieter are unmatched: only 20% of the power consumption is consumed.

The compact yarn produced with the K 46 Rieter is clearly superior in quality to conventional yarns. It can be used in the manufacture of fabrics for men's shirts, high quality knitwear, bedding and hosiery.

The Kaahka textile complex under construction is focused on processing 5 thousand tons of fine-staple cotton.

The plant, which includes a spinning, weaving, dyeing and sewing department, will produce 3,650 tons of compact yarns and 12 million square meters of fabrics per year.

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