“Lotta Business Group” expands its staff

“Lotta Business Group” expands its staff

Lotta Business Group, a diversified company, announces the recruitment of employees for the following positions:

IT sphere:

  • IT - Specialist (WEB);
  • IT - Specialist (Android / IOS);
  • Product / Project manager;
  • UI / UX Designer;
  • Designer;
  • IT trainees.


  • Trading agent;
  • Marketer in the sales department;
  • Field Supervisor;
  • Supervisor.

E-commerce (internet commerce):

  • SMM specialist;
  • Online store sales consultant;
  • Content manager.


  • Logo ERP operator;
  • Operator 1C.


  • Project manager;
  • SMM specialist;
  • Operator (call center);
  • IT product marketer.


  • Consulting Trainee;
  • Marketer in the consulting department.


  • Consultant makeup artist for a new project.

Interns are invited to work in the fields of IT and Consulting for training and skills development.

To submit an application, you must fill out the form, which is located on the website lotta-tm.com in the “Vacancies” tab. In the subject line, it is necessary to indicate the direction and the desired vacancy. Example: “Consulting, Consulting Trainee”.

Lotta Business Group is a company that provides services for the distribution of goods to retail outlets (shops, supermarkets), consulting for small and large businesses, implementation of ERP and CRM systems, tenders in the private and public sector, as well as introducing its own IT- products. The company has been operating in the market of Turkmenistan for more than 13 years and has branches in all velayats of the country.

Reception of questionnaires with a resume is carried out until April 16.

Contacts for communication:

Address: Ashgabat, st. Kuliev, house "Arzuw"


Office: 75-44-50

Evgeniya HR: +993 (64) 02-05-35

Sergey HR: +993 (65) 81-25-14

Site: lotta-tm.com

Email for resume: lotta@lotta-tm.com

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