Turkmenistan prepares to meet Ramadan

Turkmenistan prepares to meet Ramadan

The month of Ramadan (Oraza) is considered a sacred month in the Islamic world, including for the Turkmen people. During this month, people observe fasting and strive to do good deeds. Spiritual values such as friendship, brotherhood, kindness, chastity, unity and purity are further strengthened.

The Turkmen people have long honored these traditions: fasting is observed in the holy month of physical and spiritual cleansing, people give iftar, visit each other.

The beginning of the month of Ramadan is determined by the main mufti of Turkmenistan, and a calendar (schedule) of fasting is published.

Traditionally, at the beginning of the holy month, children go from house to house, reciting verses about the coming of Ramadan. For this they are entitled to treats, and the owners of each house try to generously reward the children for their efforts.

For example, here are 2 verses from traditional chants:

Ýokarda bir aý bar
Ujy gyzyl ýaý bar
Pygamberiň saçagynda
Bize goýlan paý bar

Garaja çatmaň öý bolsun
Gapyňyzda toý bolsun
Köp bereniň ogly bolsun
Az bereniň gyzy bolsun.

Children happily proclaim the coming of the month, wish well-being to the owners of the house.

During the month of Ramadan, tarawa (terawih) prayers are performed at night in mosques, which are considered a symbol of unity, friendship and inspiration.

Also during the month of Ramadan there is a night called “Gadyr gijesi”, known as the night of forgiveness, when good prayers are offered up and treats are distributed to neighbors.

After the end of the holy month, Oraza Bayram is celebrated. On this day, fasting is not observed; holiday prayers are performed.

With the upcoming Ramadan, may your soul be blessed and your Iftar received!

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