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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launches climate change initiative

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launches climate change initiative

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its aim to protect the environment and to combat climate change, and environmental challenges in the region, which have clearly shown in high temperatures, low rainfall, high dust waves and desertification.

As is known, the Kingdom has a pioneering role as a global producer of oil and gas. The Kingdom recognizes Its responsibility to protect the land and environment. For this reason, the Kingdom’s two initiatives were announced under the title: “The Saudi Green Initiative” and “The Middle East Green Initiative” by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. These initiatives include several goals to improve the quality of life and protect future generations by increasing the level of vegetation, reducing carbon emissions, combating pollution and land degradation and preserving marine life.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will make great efforts and coordination with the Governments of Brotherly and Friendly Countries to launch the largest plan for reforestation in the world, which aims to plant (50) fifty billion trees in the Middle East region, which will contribute to reduce carbon emissions by 10% of the global contribution. In addition, it will help to mitigate climate changes that threaten the future of mankind and the planet.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will hold an annual summit titled: "The Middle East Green Initiative” with the presence of state leaders and officials in the environmental field, in order to find a solution to the major issues facing the world to combat desertification, environmental pollution, global warming and climate change.

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