New railway rules in Turkmenistan introduced

New railway rules in Turkmenistan introduced

Turkmenistan has introduced new rules for passenger trains that will comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements in the context of the ongoing epidemic situation in the region and in the world. The regional newspaper “Turkmen Gundogary” writes about it.

The new rules apply to both passengers and crew. For example, the conductors are obliged to disinfect the wagons 6 hours before the train departure, after arriving at the destination and every 3-4 hours during the movement of trains.

Passengers should have a certificate of negative analysis on COVID-19 issued no earlier than 72 hours before the trip. In Turkmenabat, this certificate is issued in the 4th polyclinic.

Before boarding the train, passengers will measure the temperature, apply the oxolin ointment on the nasal mucosa, and treat the hands with a decontamination solution. Conductors and representatives of the traffic police are obliged to monitor the distance of at least a meter, which passengers must adhere to, as well as wearing masks.

Tickets for the coupe will only be available for two seats instead of four.

In the first time, trains will run with short trains - 10 railcars instead of 18-20, as it was before, and without stops at stations on the way.


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