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The President of Turkmenistan has set a number of tasks for the leaders of the fuel and energy complex

The President of Turkmenistan has set a number of tasks for the leaders of the fuel and energy complex

The President of Turkmenistan held a working meeting on the development of the oil and gas industry on Tuesday, during which he set a number of tasks for the leaders of the fuel and energy complex, the State News Agency reported.

As the leader of the nation pointed out, regularly analyzing the financial and economic situation, production and economic activities of the oil and gas complex, it is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of all production facilities. At the same time, great attention should be paid to the introduction of new methods of production management, training of highly professional specialists.

You also need to strictly control and systematically reduce the cost of production by analyzing the cost estimates of institutions and enterprises of the oil and gas complex and eliminating unnecessary costs.

Considering that large investments were made by the state in the industry, it is necessary to increase the production efficiency and profit of enterprises, the President of the country continued.

As noted, it is necessary to seek an increase in prices for exported oil products sold on a competitive basis through the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, to expand the scale of activities of the National Oil and Gas Company “NAPECO”, involving this company in the development of new fields.

Along with this, as President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out, it is necessary to bring production enterprises to their full design capacity, in particular, the Ahal plant for the production of gasoline from gas and the polymer plant in Kiyanly. To ensure the continuity of production, it is necessary to provide them with auxiliary chemical reagents, spare parts in a timely manner, as well as introduce new management methods.

The head of state drew attention to the importance of increasing the inflow of funds by increasing the volume of sales of manufactured products, including in freely convertible foreign currency.

In this regard, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to analyze in detail the prices of imported goods and raw materials purchased, which should not be higher than prices for other countries of the region, as well as to establish direct cooperation with manufacturers of products necessary for the domestic fuel and energy complex.

The head of the Turkmen state instructed to promptly analyze the reasons for the decline in natural gas production by foreign partners - companies operating in the country in accordance with production sharing agreements, and promptly take the necessary measures to restore stable rates of raw materials production.

The leader of the nation gave specific instructions on increasing the volume of crude oil production through the use of modern advanced technologies and methods, improving the efficiency of drilling operations, timely repair and reconstruction of oil production wells, as well as uninterrupted supplies of crude oil to the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries.

Having emphasized once again that the work of industrial sectors should be brought to full design capacity, the head of state ordered to take appropriate measures to increase the depth of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, improve the quality of production of commercial oil and petrochemical products.

As noted, for this, for this purpose, modern innovative technologies should be introduced into production, work should be carried out in a timely manner on the reconstruction and overhaul of production facilities.

Speaking about strengthening the resource base of the industry, the President of Turkmenistan pointed out that it is necessary to increase the efficiency of geological exploration, seismic and drilling operations, determination of reserves of natural gas, crude oil and gas condensate, using modern technologies, including 3D measurement methods.

The head of state ordered to prioritize the training of highly professional specialists for industry enterprises, to carry out the necessary work to discover and develop new deposits, as well as to effectively use the advice of leading scientists and teachers of research institutes in the activities of state concerns and corporations.

Addressing Deputy Prime Minister Gadyrgeldy Mushshikov, the President of Turkmenistan instructed him to regularly analyze the financial and economic situation and the composition of expenses of the oil and gas complex, improve the supply of funds, conduct an audit of debts, debts, including in foreign currency.

As the head of state said, together with the oil and gas complex, it is necessary to prepare specific proposals for improving the material and technical support of oil and gas producing enterprises and geological exploration expeditions, on the financial sources of repair and reconstruction works that need to be carried out at production facilities, as well as on attracting foreign investment in new projects.

During the meeting, the President of Turkmenistan also ordered the country's Prosecutor General Batyr Atdaev to continue the analysis of the financial and economic indicators of the fuel and energy complex.


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turkmenchik ( 03.02.2021 )

Глава государства заострил внимание на важности наращивания поступления финансовых средств за счёт увеличения объёмов реализации производимой продукции, в том числе, в свободно конвертируемой иностранной валюте.

turkmenchik ( 03.02.2021 )

что значит свободно конвертируемой иностранной валюте?