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Turkmen schoolchildren have completed their winter vacation

Turkmen schoolchildren have completed their winter vacation

Today, after a winter break, Turkmen schoolchildren returned for their school desks.

Recall that this time the school holidays were longer than usual: began on December 28, 2020, ended today.

“Turkmenportal” correspondent was interested in what the children were doing during the holidays.

Sapar Geldiyev, 12 years old:

“My brother and I have organized chess tournaments. I love this game very much, we have a lot of people in the family who are interested in chess. Even a sister, but she is still small. Brother learns in the second shift, and I - in the morning, so we see only in the evening (laughs). And on vacation we finally fought with him in tournaments. He won for the most part, but I'm not offended, it's a good training session. "

Ayna Byashimova, 8 years old:

“I like to draw. Just during the holidays my mother at work announced a competition for children's drawings. I have already drawn 5 drawings: 3 paints, other pencils and markers. And I won a prize and received a gift album for drawing, very good pencils and a pencil case! On the next vacation, I want to draw a big picture for the house. My mother and I have already found a place to hang it!”.

“Turkmenportal” wishes all schoolchildren health, success in education, creativity and sports!


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