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Children's toys to be produced in Turkmenistan

Children's toys to be produced in Turkmenistan

The first enterprise for the production of children's toys will appear in Turkmenistan. Deputy Prime Minister Chary Gylyjov stated this today at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to him, at the first stage it is planned to create a specialized enterprise in Ashgabat, which will be equipped with advanced equipment. At the same time, work will continue on studying the world experience and training specialists in this area.

Having listened to the report, the President of Turkmenistan stressed that important tasks have been set before the industrial sector of the national economy to increase production, form new, high-tech complexes, create enterprises for the production of various and competitive products based on the efficient use of local raw materials.

The head of state emphasized the importance of the successful implementation of programs for the industrialization and digitalization of the country, the production of import-substituting and export-oriented products that meet all quality and environmental standards, as well as the creation of new jobs.

The leader of the nation noted that a rational solution to these problems would not only reduce the import of products at the expense of their own high-quality and affordable goods, but also significantly expand their range.

Turkmen designers, studying the demands of the domestic market, focusing on the needs of the population, should develop and launch new production facilities for the production of various goods, including toys, the President of the country noted, addressing the Deputy Prime Minister with instructions in this regard, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.


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