Lights on the country's main Christmas tree lit up in Turkmenistan

Lights on the country's main Christmas tree lit up in Turkmenistan

Bright lights were lit today on the main New Year tree of the country, announcing the expeditious arrival of the New Year.

Traditionally the center of the New Year celebration become the square before family entertainment centre “Alem” where the highest green beauty is installed, also fairy town is extended there. 

The height of the main holiday tree ending up with eight ray star and 2021 numerical is 41 meter and the width is 16 meters.

Decorated with multicolored balls, beads, crackers, sparkling tinsel and garlands, it has become one of the most attractive symbols of the coming year.

It should be noticed that at the initiative of our Motherland, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of its neutral status a few days ago, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust. In the coming year, Turkmenistan will mark another historic date - the 30th anniversary of independence.

Lighting up the lights on the country's main Christmas tree is a ceremony fanned with ideas of fairy-tale miracles, and therefore requires a special creative approach from the organizers of the holiday. Every year a new special route is drawn up for Ayaz Baba and his granddaughter Garpamyk. Their cabriolet on the way to the New Year tree is accompanied by young residents of the capital, who are accommodated in an elegant double-decker bus.

This year, the route starts from the intersection of Taslama Street and Mahtumkuli Avenue, where the grand opening of a large complex of social and cultural facilities, built as part of the 16th phase of the development of the country's main city, took place quite recently.

The participants of the show rode along residential high-rise buildings decorated with mosaic panels depicting symbols of an independent neutral Motherland, admired the architectural appearance of the “Gül Zemin” Shopping and

Entertainment Center and the original fifteen-meter Turkmen Alabay monument in the center of the roundabout.

Then Ayaz Baba and his granddaughter Garpamyk moved to the phaeton and, accompanied by their young friends, continued their excursion around the white marble Turkmen capital. Residents of Ashgabat, who became spectators of this festive event, joyfully greeted the merry New Year procession.

Finally, the caravan arrived at “Alem” family entertainment center, where the main Christmas tree was installed. An arch sparkling with garlands opens the entrance to a wonderful country, where guests are greeted by characters from Turkmen fairy tales and heroes of cartoons loved by children. 

The alleys leading to the green beauty have been turned into paths of an extraordinary kingdom, decorated with snow-white Christmas trees, covered with a sparkling cover of electric flashlights.

The small houses, figurines of fairy-tale characters, a good-natured bull - a symbol of the new year - are literally drowning in multi-colored lights. Music, magnificent New Year's decorations create a unique atmosphere of a kind and bright holiday on the square.

Arrived Ayaz baba and Garpamyk is greeted by the ringing voices of youngsters in costumes of twelve animals - symbols of the year according to the Eastern calendar.

From the name of Turkmen youngsters Ayaz baba and Garpamyk addresses to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov and native people cordial congratulations with coming New Year wishing happiness, health, great success in implementing into life progressive changes in the name of well-being and prosperity of the Motherland.

Culmination moment of merry New Year performance became sparkling beautiful New Year tree, which was lit by wish of children and beck of magic wand of Ayaz baba.

From the name of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov children received remarkable presents in memory of unforgettable holiday. 

After capital’s green beauty all New Year trees installed in velayats on the main squares of cities and villages began to sparkle, as informs State information agency of Turkmenistan. ф


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