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Berdimuhamedov wrote the book " Turkmenistan-the birthplace of neutrality»

Berdimuhamedov wrote the book " Turkmenistan-the birthplace of neutrality»

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov completed work on another of his books, which was called "Turkmenistan – the birthplace of Neutrality". This was stated by the head of Turkmenistan at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the air of the information program "Watan" of the Turkmen television.

"The adoption of the Law "on permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan" on December 27, 1995 has forever defined the path of development of our independent state, " the leader of the nation said. – We defined it as "permanent neutrality".

According to Berdimuhamedov, the constantly neutral status of the Motherland incorporates such principles as peacefulness, non-interference in the internal Affairs of other States, respect for sovereignty, inviolability of borders, and remarkable features of the national mentality. It is also non-alignment with international military blocs and treaties, respect for religious views, openness, and readiness to resolve the most difficult issues that have arisen throughout its history through negotiations.

– We chose this path, guided by national interests, and, at the same time, taking into account the interests of all fraternal peoples of the world. Thus, we wanted to demonstrate our desire to develop friendly relations with all countries and peoples, thus fulfilling a high and noble mission, " the President of Turkmenistan stressed.

The head of state noted that he wrote about all this in his book, trying to reveal "the national origins and historical significance of Turkmen neutrality".
In this context, the leader of the nation explained that, as the author, he set a goal-to show the role of the neutral legal status of our state in solving the most complex issues of our time, and also analyzed the possibilities of further consolidation of all countries. Thus, this work is intended to reveal to the reader the enduring significance of ideas that unite peoples in the name of a bright future for humanity.

Expressing confidence that the new book will be not only interesting, but also useful, the President of the country noted that "this is his gift for the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan".

In the coming days, Berdimuhamedov's book "Turkmenistan-the birthplace of Neutrality" will be presented to a wide range of readers.

The President of Turkmenistan is the author of a number of books on various subjects that tell about medicinal plants, Akhal-Teke horses, Turkmen carpets, cooking, tea, Turkmen history, music, Turkmen culture, Proverbs, and Turkmen alabays. Earlier this year, Berdimuhamedov wrote the book "The Spiritual world of the Turkmen", which was published, among other things, in Chinese and Japanese.

You can view the electronic library of books of the President of Turkmenistan on the website You can read them there for free.

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