Maya Gurbanberdieva has fully recovered from her injury

Maya Gurbanberdieva has fully recovered from her injury

The Russian synchronized swimmer, have Turkmen roots of the Maya Gurbanberdieva fully recovered after injury, reports RIA News

Today, Alexander Maltsev performed with two-time world and European champion Maya Gurbanberdieva outside the competition program of the Russian synchronized swimming championship at the aquatics Palace in Kazan.

Maya Gurbanberdieva, who has just recovered from shoulder surgery due to an injury, said it was not easy to get back in shape.

"This was the second operation, I had to miss the season. After the first operation, there was a shorter recovery period, now it was more than 7 months. Recovery was difficult, getting in shape is not easy. But in General, we managed and performed at a good level," the athlete said in an interview with the press service of the “Directorate of sports and social projects”.  

The athletes plan to participate in the European championship and the FINA World series next year. 

21-year-old Maya Gurbanberdieva has Turkmen roots. Her father Eziz Gurbanberdiyev a native of Turkmenistan who works as a news editor in the Russian television company "First channel".  

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