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Turkmen student is providing volunteer assistance in the hospital of Kazan

Turkmen student is providing volunteer assistance in the hospital of Kazan

Many of our compatriots, while studying abroad, are actively involved in the public life not only of their universities, but also of the cities where they study, and come to the aid of people.

We have previously written about the fact that Turkmen students saved the life of a resident of Kazan.

Today we want to tell you about a medical student Nurali Kerimov from Dashoguz, who is studying to become an obstetrician-gynecologist in Kazan. Now he is a 4th-year student of Kazan state medical University (KSMU).

From the very beginning of his studies, he joined the medical volunteer movement. Since then, for the past 4 years, he has been providing assistance in the City clinical hospital.

Nurali himself is from a medical dynasty and has understood the difficulty and responsibility of the profession since childhood, so during the most difficult period of the global pandemic, he did not stand aside, but actively contributes to the medical staff of the hospital. It is the responsibility of the volunteers who work in the so — called "green" zone, performing part of the work of the average medical staff, to help receive patients, take them to diagnostics, conduct research: take blood or make an ECG. In a word, Nurali, as well as 350 other medical volunteers of Kazan, are where his help is most needed.

TV channel "Tatarstan New century" (TNV) made a report on the activities of medical volunteers, and one of the main characters of the story was Nurali Kerimov.

"In a hospital with an influx of patients, there are not always enough staff, so our help is necessary. Since we take care of accompanying the patient and conducting research, we reduce the time of examination of the patient, thereby saving people's lives. In addition, volunteering is a great experience for me. There are different cases in the hospital, but despite all the difficulties, I want to help everyone! " - says Nurali about his volunteer work.

He is 21 years old, graduated from Dashoguz high school No. 56. Nurali is a supporter of an active lifestyle, has the 1st category in football. After becoming a student at KSMU, he plays for the University football team.

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