Turkmenistan has released a production calendar for 2021

Turkmenistan has released a production calendar for 2021

The Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of Turkmenistan has published the production calendar for 2021 on its website.

In accordance with it, work at enterprises, organizations and institutions is not performed on holidays and memorable days:

  • January 1 - New year, March
  • 8-International women's day, March
  • 21-22 - National spring holiday;
  • May 18 - Day of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the state flag of Turkmenistan;
  • May 13 – Oraza bayram;
  • July 20-21-22 - Gurban bayram;
  • September 27 - Independence day of Turkmenistan;
  • October 6 - Memorial day;
  • December 12 - International day of neutrality.

Working hours on the eve of these days are reduced by 1 hour in accordance with article 61 of the Labor code of Turkmenistan.

Standard working time is calculated according to the calendar five-day 40-hour work week, based on 8-hour working day, six-day 40-hour work week based on 7-hour day and six-day 36 hour work week, based on 6-hour workday.

When drawing up work schedules, it should be borne in mind that in accordance with article 62 of the Labor code of Turkmenistan, the duration of work at night is reduced by 1 hour. Therefore, for specialists working in three shifts with a five-day working week with two days off, the annual working time Fund is reduced at the rate of 1 hour for each night shift.

The duration of night work is equated with day work in cases where it is necessary under the conditions of production, in particular in continuous production, as well as in shift work with a six-day working week with one day off.

In this regard, to convert hourly tariff rates into monthly ones, the average monthly working time (in hours) in 2021 will be:

  • for a 40 – hour working week – 166.0
  • for a 36-hour working week-150.5.

Download the calendar.

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