The President of Turkmenistan congratulated employees of industrial sphere on their professional holiday

The President of Turkmenistan congratulated employees of industrial sphere on their professional holiday

"I congratulate you on the day of industrial workers! I wish you good health, long life, and great success in strengthening the economy of the independent Motherland, improving the social and living conditions of the people, and making Turkmenistan one of the industrially developed countries!" President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his address on the occasion of the professional holiday of industrial specialists celebrated on the third Sunday of October.

"A lot of work has been done over the years of sovereign development. Our country has become an economically powerful and politically stable state. Employees of the industrial complex together with the entire Turkmen people make a significant contribution to the implementation of major reforms and large-scale achievements.

Today, the tasks of developing the national industry, building modern and modernizing existing enterprises, increasing the export potential of the industrial complex, introducing digital technologies, and setting up the production of innovative products are being successfully solved.

On February 7, this year, the Ministry of industry and construction production of Turkmenistan was established, which provides the necessary materials for construction sites in the country. In the future, the volume of production of various products in the field of construction materials will increase even more. In addition, A decree was signed on the construction of industrial and production facilities of the Ministry of industry and construction production in 2020-2023. In accordance with the established deadlines, more than a dozen industrial facilities will be built and put into operation in the regions of the country.

One of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of the national economy is the chemical industry, which produces mineral fertilizers, sodium sulfate, iodine, bromine and bromine products, carbon black, etc. Large-scale production and an increase in the range of mineral fertilizers made it possible to fully meet the demand of the country's agriculture for these products, as well as to establish its export.

The measures taken will give a powerful impetus to the development of not only the chemical industry, but also the entire industry, improve the quality and competitiveness of domestic products and, as a result, will expand the range of manufactured goods and export them to foreign markets," the presidential address emphasizes.

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