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“Guneshli Zaman” company provides free consultations

“Guneshli Zaman” company provides free consultations

“Guneshli Zaman” company, offering a wide range of real estate services, provides free consultations for anyone who is planning to buy, sell or rent real estate.

Before entering into a transaction for the purchase or lease of real estate, "Guneshli Zaman" consultants provide a potential client with complete information about a particular object of sale, explain the pre-sale preparation process, procedures for reaching agreements, preparing documents, and much more. The Advisory services include assistance in determining the essential criteria for choosing housing from a large number of options, as well as inspection of the premises.

For property owners, consultations are held on how to demonstrate all the advantages and advantages of an apartment or house. During such consultations, the seriousness of intentions, the degree of readiness of documents, the cost, as well as direct aspects of marketing are clarified: what needs to be done to make the housing offered for sale or rent interesting to buyers.

“Guneshli Zaman” consultants, taking into account the desire of the owner to sell more expensive, and the buyer to make an acquisition for a low price, help to better navigate the real estate prices and determine the factors that affect them. This ensures that the parties agree on the price.

“Guneshli Zaman” specialists are confident that the transaction is considered successful, not only when an agreement is reached and official papers are signed, but also after a while, when customers Express their satisfaction with the transaction.

On the company's website, you can find an online catalog that includes a large selection of real estate objects.

We remind that "Guneshli Zaman" is also engaged in the construction of houses for individual orders.


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