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Melon chips to be produced in Turkmenistan

Melon chips to be produced in Turkmenistan

“Ter Önüm” economic society is preparing to launch a new product – melon chips, “Turkmenistan: Golden age” reports.

The idea appeared about three years ago and has passed a multi-stage path to implementation.

The company is a leader in the segment of export supplies of domestic fruit and vegetable products and dried fruits. The company is a permanent participant of international specialized exhibitions. “Ter Önüm” is particularly proud to have won the gold medal at the international exhibition of seasonal agricultural products exporters in Mumbai, India. 

"The Turkmen melon rightfully deserves the title of a storehouse of nutritious and healing substances and is always among the "favorites" of such international reviews, " emphasizes the co-founder of the company Dovletgeldi Ballyev.

Since melon can only be exported in a certain season, the company's specialists planned to expand the export of dried melon, but the domestic technology does not meet European standards, and customers expressed a number of wishes to improve the drying method. In this regard, a lot of work was done, varieties with a reduced sugar content were tested.

As a result, an experimental variety was selected, which was obtained through crossing with pumpkin, and here Dutch breeders provided assistance. Various drying methods were then tested to eliminate the sticky texture.

In the course of work, interesting ideas for new directions of export of domestic fruit and vegetable products emerged. One of them is the production of chips – light, crisp, easy to transport and store. In parallel with the development of production technology, its technical base was formed. A production line with specialized equipment purchased in Turkey has been prepared for launch.

Among the plans for the near future is the production of melon milk from seeds that remain in the chip production process. Melon milk is a popular product among adherents of a healthy diet, which is also used as a base for smoothies and smoothies. Turkmen melon milk will be an organic product, without preservatives and colorants. HO will also cultivate small-fruited melon varieties intended for export to European countries.

The company supplies domestic agricultural products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. With the launch of the new production, the export geography will be expanded by Germany, Austria, and France.

The company cooperates with more than 300 daikhan farms and private agricultural producers-suppliers of agricultural products. By the way, “Ter Önüm” was the first company in Turkmenistan to start working with clients through online orders.

In addition to export supplies, “Ter Önüm” ES engaged in the supply of exotic fruits from the country.

Top managers of the company also pay great attention to the sphere of agricultural innovations, for which they have established close partnership with foreign breeders and agricultural producers. Free trainings for Turkmen farmers are held every Saturday, which is called science Day in “Ter Önüm”. Specialized specialists provide advice in the organization of greenhouse business, agricultural technology of cultivation, as well as pest control and crop diseases, and other issues of agricultural production.


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DurdYMERET ( 31/08/2020 )

Хех-чипси со вкусом дыни.. надеюсь будут вкусным