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“Halkbank” SCBT launched the “Halkbank Terminal” mobile app

“Halkbank” SCBT launched the “Halkbank Terminal” mobile app

"Halkbank terminal" is a mobile application launched by the state commercial Bank "Halkbank", which allows you to use your smartphone as a POS-terminal for contactless payment.

This service is a mobile application developed on the ariasoft platform and is able to perform all the functions of a normal terminal.

By installing this app on your smartphone, you can make non-cash payments for purchases and services in a few clicks.

The app is convenient for both customers and sellers, because now there is no need to purchase special equipment. The app also has the following functions: "cancel operations", "refund operations", "view payment history".

This service, according to experts, will help to expand the use of non-cash payments.

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