Turkmen company «Muhammet-Balkan» started production of model women's shoes

Turkmen company «Muhammet-Balkan» started production of model women's shoes

The «Muhammet-Balkan» business company is expanding the scope of its activities. The footwear industry is one of the company's successfully launched areas, the «Turkmenistan» newspaper reports.

Every day, the company produces from 200 to 500 pairs of shoes of different sizes, as well as several types of sports shoes for women and children.

The company, known for its brand of men's shoes «MB-shoes», started producing model shoes for women under the brand name «Mengli-shoes».

Footwear production is equipped with high-tech equipment from leading foreign manufacturers. Currently, experts are developing dozens of new types of shoes. This takes into account current global trends.

«Aksuw Deri» own tannery provides production with environmentally friendly and natural raw materials. The use of local raw materials significantly reduces the cost of footwear products, which makes it accessible to the population. Throughout the country, there are specialized stores of the company that sell shoes of the brand «MB-shoes». All shoes are made from 100% high quality leather.

ES «Muhammet-Balkan» was established in 2009 and started as a construction business. Now the company has expanded its business and is engaged not only in the Shoe industry, but also in the restaurant business, leather production, maintenance, carpet making.

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