Toyota changed the logo

Toyota changed the logo

The largest Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled an updated two-dimensional brand logo and a new corporate font. This was reported by the press service of Toyota.

Now the logo looks more minimalist. The transition to the new design will hold gradually. The new visual identity is driven by simplification and has been shaped by four key principles: forward-thinking, mobile-ready, more premium feel and ultra- consistent across all business units and sub-brands.

The identity – designed by international consultancy The&Partnership – will be used across all internal and external brand communications. The&Partnership’s European design team is behind the work, which includes a redesigned logo, colour palette and typeface.

The new logo is complemented by the unique Toyota Type font, which is ideal for solving all communication tasks – both offline and online. The new font is thinner and easier to read on any digital device, including mobile phone.

Toyota followed the same path that Volkswagen, Nissan and BMW had previously taken. Companies are moving away from 3D emblems one by one in favor of 2D ones with a minimalist style.

Toyota Motor Corporation, part of the Toyota Group, is the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan. Toyota cars are in stable consumer demand in Turkmenistan.

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