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Turkmenistan plans to create a National Agency for renewable energy sources

Turkmenistan plans to create a National Agency for renewable energy sources

In Turkmenistan, it is proposed to create a National Agency for renewable energy sources. This is reported by the state news Agency of Turkmenistan.

This and other initiatives were announced at the Government meeting.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, foreign Minister Rashid Meredov, Turkmenistan is currently carrying out significant work in this direction, namely, to create new effective international mechanisms. 

Turkmenistan was one of the first countries to support the initiative to create the International renewable energy Agency (IRENA) in 2009, and in 2018 it became a full member of this organization. The main activities of the Agency are to support the strategies of countries around the world to switch to sustainable energy, promote innovative technologies and economic knowledge in the field of renewable energy. IRENA currently has 161 member States.

In 2018, Turkmenistan developed a plan to develop cooperation with IRENA until 2023 and established an appropriate interagency working group, with which a number of events were held.

In the field of renewable energy development, Turkmenistan also closely cooperates with the European Union, the Organization for security and co-operation in Europe and specialized UN agencies: The United Nations industrial development (UNIDO), UN environment program (UNEP) and the UN development Program (UNDP), with which every year carried out relevant projects and programs.

In connection with the intensification of activities in the field of energy diplomacy, a proposal was made to appoint the Ambassador of our country to the United Arab Emirates as the permanent representative of Turkmenistan to IRENA.

In order to exchange experience with foreign partners within the framework of IRENA and familiarize the international community with the country's experience in the energy sector, it is also proposed to nominate Turkmenistan for election to the Irena Agency Council for 2021-2022.

The head of state generally approved the submitted proposals, noting that in recent years, as a result of rapid scientific and technological progress, the world has seen a high rate of growth in the use of renewable energy sources. This promising area is also an important component of the country's energy strategy.

"The introduction of innovative, environmentally friendly technologies in the field of practical use of natural sources-solar, wind, water and others-is a significant vector for the development of the "green" economy and can be effectively applied in various sectors of the economy," the head of state said, instructing the Vice - Premier, head of the foreign Ministry to continue working to promote our country's initiatives in the field of energy diplomacy.

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