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The wind and the rain: weekly weather forecast in Ashgabat

The wind and the rain: weekly weather forecast in Ashgabat

Weather surprises this week turned out to be more than forecasters expected: the heat did not reach Ashgabat – April won back its legal rights to spring rains. Yes, 32° of heat at the end of the week, the residents of Ashgabat did not feel it (which they were happier than sad), moreover, the temperature in the afternoon sometimes fell to 15-16 °.

Well, it is not wrong to be out of work, says popular wisdom, and forecasters are working hard, and have already prepared a summary for the upcoming week, which they calculate will be rainy. In General, the daytime temperature will be from 22° - 27 °, but in the morning it will still be cool, up to 16 °.

On Monday, the daily temperature is expected to not exceed 20 degrees, with rain during the day threatening to increase in the late afternoon. Humidity will reach 97% by the end of the day. Wind from the North-West 2-2.5 meters per second. The magnetic field will be quiet.

Tuesday will also be overcast, with the possibility of precipitation. The air temperature is within 20°. Wind East and South-East, calm magnetic field.

Rain is also forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday. On Wednesday, the air will warm up to 22°, the wind is gusty at a speed of 4 to 8 meters per second. The magnetic field remains calm.

On Thursday, rain is expected again, the daytime temperature is 22°-25°. Wind speed from 2 to 6 meters per second. On this day, the UV index is 3 (average). This means that people with sensitive skin should think about protecting it: the best remedy is an umbrella, sunscreen, and glasses.

Friday, according to forecasters, will be marked by rain, the relative humidity is 87%. The temperature in the afternoon will warm up to 18°, the wind is gusty, North-West.

On Saturday, we are waiting for clouds with clarifications. Possibility of rain in the afternoon. The air temperature ranges from 24 to 27°. South-easterly wind, gusty, relative humidity 57-65%.

On Sunday, we are promised a temperature of 25-26°, as well as cloud cover with clearings, wind and rain. And even thunder at night.

Well, we'll wait and see.

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