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How the world of “Kindi” is diverse


Despite the diversity of the confectionery market, flour products such as biscuits, crackers are considered one of the most popular delicacies, both among children and among adults. When choosing sweets, according to statistics, every third customer prefers cookies or crackers. The local company “Kindi” for the production of croutons, crackers and biscuits primarily pays attention to the quality of the products.

Cookies are confectionery flour products, of small thickness, and also of different shapes. The main ingredients of cookies are sugar, flour, dairy and egg products. For the production of different types of cookies, their own dough recipes are used. Currently, there are two types of biscuits produced: with cocoa and ordinary – “petir”.

Cracker is a pastry (or flour) product in the form of a crispy cookie with a sweet or salty taste. In addition, it combines well with other food products and drinks: crackers, depending on the variety and taste, can be eaten with tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, butter, with spicy soft varieties of cheese, etc.

Rusks are cut and dried bakery products with natural flavors. The bread dough is kneaded according to a special recipe, combining wheat and rye flour.

In addition, there are interesting flavors such as “Shashlik”, “Onion and sour cream”, “Salami”, “Cheese”and bright and colorful design; and different formats of packages of 30 grams in each pack.

The company's specialists strictly monitor the quality, which is why they add one of the best seasonings in the world to crackers and cookies. Mainly flour and sesame are used from local raw materials.

The difference between the products of the company “Kindi” from other manufacturers of Turkmenistan, first of all, in the effective presentation of the goods and in its high quality. The main goal of the company is to provide the market with a quality and safe product.

In everyday life, crackers and croutons among young people have almost become the basis of traditional snacks; they are very popular among schoolchildren and students. In addition, the confectionery factory “Kindi” presented to consumers its New Year's line of gifts for children and adults for the upcoming holiday. For the meeting of 2021, “Kindi” has already prepared various types of New Year gifts.

This season, the festive series of sets will once again delight customers with a diverse composition and original design solutions in the design. The main part of the New Year's collection is made up of gifts in New Year's boxes, which contain all the company's products.

This year, for the first time, new designs such as the “Kindi Box” in the form of a red box with images of New Year's toys and images of small animals are presented, “Kindi Happy New Year!” - a green box with the image of the hero from the New Year cartoon “The Grinch”, “Kindi Crafers” in a purple package with New Year's patterns. The entire New Year's assortment contains sweet gifts in cardboard packaging and confectionery, as well as products from the traditional assortment and novelties in festive decoration. All this will charm not only children, but also an adult audience.

The New Year is a time of new expectations and happiness for the whole family, and the Kindi confectionery company is happy to create an atmosphere of wonder and celebration for the upcoming celebration.

Party sets can be purchased at retail stores and retail chains. The full range of gifts can be found on their official website by clicking on the link.


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