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How to choose a real estate Agency and not lose your time and money

How to choose a real estate Agency and not lose your time and money

A real estate Agency is a specialized commercial organization that provides intermediary services between the seller and the final buyer in the real estate market.

Eventually, everyone faces a real estate issue. You can rely on yourself in such matters, or you can turn to professionals. Yet, how to choose a real estate Agency that will not be afraid to entrust your time and money?

Therefore, the domestic company IE "Guneshli Zaman", which has been dealing with real estate issues for eight years, and has carried out about 550 turnkey transactions, will reveal the secrets of how to approach the issue of buying and selling real estate. Experts of the Agency "Guneshli Zaman" will share some useful tips on how not to fall for the tricks of unscrupulous realtors and choose a reliable real estate Agency.

Therefore, four main criteria will help you recognize unscrupulous realtors:

1. Payment of money in advance. The main rule to remember for the owner or tenant is not to pay money in advance. Payment for the Agency's services for the transaction is always make after, and not before the start of work, that is, when they have fulfilled their obligations to the client.

2. Non-Contractual relations or incorrectly drawn up agreements

If agreement or the rights did not conclude the relationship and obligations of the client and the expert were not specify in the concluded agreement, then they have no legal force.

3. Tempting offers. When searching for an apartment on their own, both tenants and owners often encounter ads-"hooks". Either the text indicates all-time low prices for attractive properties, or ideal tenants claim the apartment. The attractive cheapness of the offer is usually just a bait. Most of these ads are of the same type and are comply either by private agents or by small companies that are trying to attract attention. These rental rates are usually significantly lower than the market rates – by 50-70%. Therefore, you should not led to low prices, and it is better to carefully study the documents in advance, so as not to fall for the tricks of unscrupulous realtors.

4. False documents. According to the real estate Agency, the main difficulty that a citizen who has decided to rent an apartment on their own may face is the inability to correctly study the necessary documents, as well as understand the clauses of the contract. At the conclusion of the contract, the owner must present a passport and original documents for the apartment.

Thus, summing up, we can say that the solution of issues related to real estate is a very complex process, with its own individual nuances. A real estate expert can help you solve these issues quickly and competently. By trusting professionals, you save your time by protecting yourself legally from fraud. Only a trusted Agency will save your finances and nerves.




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